Client Reviews (Google)


Juan Hinojosa (2022)

James was a great help during all the process he was available to have long talks on the phone etc. He was straight down to business and got my case dismissed will highly recommended him.


Chris P (2022)

Mr. Sullivan is an outstanding attorney. I am so thankful for his expert guidance through a very difficult time with my son. My son’s actions at school resulted in a felony charge (online impersonation) as an adult, not as a juvenile, even though he was under 18 and had never been in trouble before. Unfortunately, Texas still prosecutes 17-year-old children as adult criminals. When we found out that the DA would file charges, we were afraid for him and felt helpless. I had never hired an attorney before, so I searched online for hours, and chose James Sullivan to represent my son.

We met and he listened attentively to the particulars of my son’s situation, treated us respectfully, and showed genuine care for his health and future. It was obvious from the beginning that he had extensive experience with these types of cases and with the Harris County District Courts. Throughout the process he kept us informed of the potential avenues of this case, what my son needed to do, and the possible outcomes. My son was worried about going to prison, and Mr. Sullivan was worried about my son having a felony on his record that would sabotage his future career.

The facts of the case were straight forward, and my son had extenuating and mitigating facts, but the DA was very obstinate in not agreeing to a lesser charge. Due to Covid and huge backlog of cases, this process lasted much longer than usual. Mr. Sullivan wanted to go to trial if the DA was not going to reduce the charges, although an actual trial could take another year or more to begin. If that were the case, he said he would ask the jury to find my son guilty of a lesser offense. Instead, after 14 months, Mr. Sullivan persuaded the new DA in the court to agree to do the right thing and reduce the charge to a misdemeanor online harassment. He negotiated a deferred adjudication probation which meant my son could later get his record sealed, for which we will be forever grateful.

I mention this because it’s likely that you’ll be working with an attorney for many months so it’s important to have not just a seasoned trial lawyer, but also someone who is excellent at communicating to keep you informed, is easy to work with, and is excellent and understanding with teenagers. I appreciate Mr. Sullivan and give him my highest recommendation.


C G (2022)

James Sullivan is very good at his job. He was able to obtain contradictory information from the so-called victim which turned my impossible to win family violence case… into a 1 in a million Case Dismissed!!

A few years back at the end of a date and a lot of drinking my now ex-girlfriend admitted she cheated on me. I told her to leave. I wouldn’t let her in my apartment. She got mad and slapped me. I slapped her back. I then went up to my apartment. I was in the bedroom when I heard a sound in the kitchen. I walked in and there she stood. She had a steak knife in her hand pointing at me. I took it away from her. I saw the sliding glass door to my balcony open. This girl climbed 2 stories broke into my apartment and threatened me with a knife! I should’ve called the police. I wish I had.

She begged to stay the night. Against my better judgment I let her sleep on the couch. In the morning she drove herself home. I learned later her mama saw her swollen lip. The girl lied about what happened and just said I hit her for no reason. The police are called. I get arrested for family violence even though she was the violent one!

This is where it was at when I first called and hired James Sullivan to defend me. He worked hard and got the case dismissed. The chances were slim, and James made it happen!!

I have no incentive to post. James treats his clients like family. When you talk to him you do not feel rushed. He talks to you as if you were his closest family member. I’ve heard horror stories about bad lawyers so when I first called James I was afraid I’d be cheated out of money with a bad case result. By the end of our conversation, he reassured me everything will work out and just to trust his process.

Honestly, he should be working high profile cases with his skills. The dedication he gives to people from every background is what we need in this world.

James even called me years later to help expunge the criminal case off my record!! Criminal cases can be dangerous and life changing but James makes sure you get the best result, and your story is told clearly. We all make innocent mistakes and James makes sure we are not penalized as if we are some evil and careless person. James Sullivan, I forever Thank you!


A M (2022)

James is a fantastic lawyer! I am not saying this just because he was able to set my case for a dismissal! In reality, sometimes you can’t get a favorable result in your case; however, I am telling you if James can’t get it done no one else can! Very professional, highly experienced and a fantastic negotiator. His awesome personality makes him a very likable lawyer even to prosecutors. He is persistent and never gave up on my case. I was at the point I had to pay him a trial fee when the court set my case for trial, and he continued fighting my family violence case and never settled for less even after the first trial setting got reset.

I was innocent and never had any physical contact with my x wife whatsoever, but police took her story over mine and I got arrested. I never had any issue with law before in my entire life. Knowing the case could still take another year or more before we could have a trial, James was able to convince the new chief prosecutor to give me a path for dismissal and then being able to get my record expunged.

The best lawyer, in my opinion, is the one who is able to negotiate the case to get it dismissed and never having to go to trial.

Thank you brother James! Love you man! God bless


Kennedy Buchanan (2022)

Mr. Sullivan is a phenomenal attorney. He was able to prove to the court that I was a victim and that the person that pressed charges on me lied to the police. Mr. Sullivan was able to get my (felony) charge dismissed in a very short amount of time. Mr. Sullivan worked with me at all hours of the day, and made sure to sincerely empathize with my situation, enough to the point where the court saw the same thing. I am very impressed and pleased with the work he’s done for me. My life would be in a totally different place right now if it wasn’t for the dedication it took in order to get my case dismissed.


Katherine Gilchrist (2022)

He's a really great attorney and will always help out with any case at any time and will make sure that everything gets done and turned in on time. If you’re looking for someone whose amazing and super helpful, defiantly go with him. He's the best attorney out there.


Caressa Mosier (2022)

Very awesome lawyer hands down the best worked so hard and got my case dismissed I would highly recommend.


Deontre Fleming (2022)

James is THE MAN!! He was so insightful, helpful & patient. He got my felony family violence case dismissed & even gave me some great life advice along the way. He’s the best man !!


Tyler G (2022)

A couple years ago (in 2020), I received a domestic violence felony based on the false and emotionally charged testimony of my then partner. This was especially difficult because it was a long-distance relationship; I lived halfway across the country. I attempted to live with her to advance our relationship and needless to say that didn't work out. Jim Sullivan has dealt with many similar DV cases as evinced in these reviews so I knew I could trust him. His strategy of getting the case dismissed by the grand jury spared me from taking multiple trips down to Texas for multiple arraignment hearings and, of course, a trial. Jim is extremely thorough in gathering info, ranging from text messages to psychological diagnoses, all in order to convince the grand jury to dismiss the case. I am endlessly thankful for his work, and we are now working on expunging the case from my file. It's like a bad dream coming to an end. Thanks again!


Fermin Aguilar (2022)

When you’re looking for professional help and for some one that knows the law, lawyer James Sullivan is the person. He helped me with my case on domestic violence. He was very responsive, always on track and knew the path. I highly recommend him. Domestic violence results= dismissed... Great job, Sir...


Michael Smith (2021)

James Sullivan is a fantastic attorney. My husband was unfairly arrested and potentially facing a very serious charge (felony family violence) after a drunken night and a misunderstand with the police that we needed to have dismissed. I immediately began looking into criminal defense attorneys after the arrest and came across Mr. Sullivan’s great reviews. After talking with him briefly, I had a great feeling about him and hired him. He was able to meet with me that night to talk about what happened. He immediately made us feel more comfortable and not so worried of what could possibly come out of this arrest. My husband had never been in trouble in his life, and I did not want this misunderstand to possibly affect his career. It’s really scary when your future regarding having a record is in the hands of the court system. After talking with James, I was very confident my husband had the best defense to handle his case. James put together a grand jury packet and the case was dismissed before trial which was James’ goal, to save us time and money. Thank you, James, for everything. Not only was he a great attorney, but a great guy to talk to also.


Singh Harpreet (2021)

I fully recommend Mr. James Sullivan. I'm a business owner that got involved in a very unfair situation for defending my property. Mr. James did wonderful finding ways to solve my problem. I am very thankful for finding him.


David Jones (2021)

I was facing an uphill battle. My wife had gotten lost in alcohol, and we had a daughter that had behavioral issues. With this combination I stood accused of hitting my daughter when she made up a story to a neighbor. At the time my wife also believed it being under the influence. I was arrested and charged with a felony (injury to a child). The law tends to side with women and children. As it should. But this case was a bit more complex. Mr. Sullivan listened to my side and believed in me. We were able to demonstrate a history of behavioral issues and false accusations from my accusers. My felony was dismissed. I am grateful for Mr. Sullivan and his help navigating the legal system through this incident and hope someone in a similar situation might seek his counsel.


Ulysses Mckneely (2021)

Mr. Sullivan is a phenomenal attorney. He sincerely cares about his clients. He takes time to go over your case with you. You never feel rushed or like you don’t matter. He always stresses that good people can find themselves in less than preferred positions. This fact doesn’t make you a bad person. He is extremely knowledgeable, and his case strategy is impeccable. He knows his way around the courtroom and is not intimated by prosecutors. If you want an attorney that will fight for you to the end and has the capacity and knowledge to win your case look no further. When dealing with Mr. Sullivan you feel like family. He reassures you that everything is going to be alright. I highly recommended you allow him to represent you in your case. You will be glad you did!


Marrie Scott (2021)

If you are wrestling with fear and anxiety about your legal issues, I advise you to contact James Sullivan for his services immediately. My experience with James was life changing. He gave me back my freedom and enabled me to take control of my own future.

I believe God brought James Sullivan to me. My father had just passed away after contracting COVID-19, and not being able to visit or see him in the hospital had me devastated. My pain led me down a bad path that resulted in me being charged with a misdemeanor (assault of a family member) and temporarily jailed. It was the lowest point of my life. In my search for a lawyer, I found that all my options seemed cold and dispassionate toward my personal predicament. I suffer from panic attacks, and this whole situation made me more anxious and ill than I've ever felt before. I knew in order to face my charges, I absolutely needed to find a lawyer I could trust to put me at ease and best represent me during my darkest hour. I turned to God to pray for help to find an honest, decent, and affordable lawyer. That's when I found James Sullivan.

After finding James' listing on Google, I called and immediately I could tell I was talking to an actual human being, and not just a cold professional reciting from a script. James really listened to my specific situation and mentored me through the entire process - checking in with me with phone calls, and always guiding me on what I needed to do next. I felt more like I was talking to a close personal friend than a lawyer, which was very comforting during what had been a terribly uncomfortable time in my life. James reassured me that he would get my charges dropped, and immediately put in the work to make this fantastic outcome a reality. Once I completed and submitted my voluntary community service hours, he got my charges dropped that exact same day!

Through my experience with James, I've become a better and stronger person. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone needing a personal lawyer. James will do everything he can to help you, and he will do it with compassion, care, and professionalism, all at a very reasonable price. Thank you so much James Sullivan, for giving me my life back!


Mauricio Hernandez (2021)

(Felony domestic violence)
If you are reading this review there is a good chance that you are in a similar position that I was in a few months ago because of a mistake you made or didn’t make. Panicked, scared confused not knowing what attorney to hire, so you go to google to look for the best attorney to handle your case and you look for the best reviews.

Well here you are now looking under James Sullivan the attorney with one of the best rated reviews on the internet. I did the same exact thing. I read all the reviews to see how impressive he really was, and it all looked great. So, I contacted him and immediately got a response. I spoke with him directly and told him my story and he gave it to me straight. He was hired within minutes.

The reason I was able to make such a fast decision was because unfortunately I have had bad run ins in the past, so I know quite a bit about different criminal attorneys. At that time my main concern was to get the best deal for my cases. I had no idea what their reviews were or their past history. All I knew is that they were a bargain. Those were the worst decisions I have honestly made because they have haunted me for over 15 years, and they will affect me the rest of my life.

The 2 attorneys I hired years ago just wanted to settle. They didn’t probe for information. They didn’t care about the truth. They didn’t care about my personal life. They just wanted to go in make a deal and walk out. If you don’t know the law you are scared and believe anything you here from the guys that supposedly know, the attorneys. And when you know you didn’t do anything, or the story isn’t correct you want and expect the case to get dismissed. But it doesn’t work that way.

The past attorneys scared me into making deals without other options because the latter would be way worst like jail time. I then realized how screwed up the justice system was and continues to be. My previous attorneys’ goal was to settle and not tell me how much convictions or deferred settlements would affect my life. I can’t rent an apartment under my name years later and I have 800 + credit because of a deferred case. If they would have explained the truth and consequences to me I never would have accepted those deals.

Now back to James Sullivans review. Right off the bat I knew by the questions he asked me and his approach on everything that I was in good hands. I was not blind to think that no matter what my case would be dismissed. But I knew that he would do whatever he could to make that happen if the option was there. He came up with ideas and different outlooks. Pretty much like the movies when an attorney is making things happen based on his expertise of doing it for so many years.

It's easy for me to compare because I’ve seen both sides of the industry. Nothing more real than the cliche saying “You get what you pay for”.

I had no idea what a grand jury was. James informed me that he was going to make a packet to send to the grand jury to see if we could get the case dismissed from them. I didn’t even know that was an option. Obviously because my previous attorneys never made those packets. They never even mentioned the grand jury to me.

Because of past circumstances, getting it dismissed with the grand jury was not a success. But James kept positive because he knew there were different factors involved.

I go in for my day of court. James has been in contact with me the whole time and tells me that if the prosecutor doesn’t dismiss it, he wants to set the case for trial. James emailed all the necessary information, details and evidence of the case he gathered to the DA and chief prosecutor.

After an hour a so of waiting for the chief prosecutor, I received a text message from James. “Great news. I convinced them to DISMISS your case”. The best news of my life.

Not every case is a dismissal. But give yourself the chance to get the best result. James Sullivan will give you that chance. I refer James Sullivan 100%. Stay calm and listen to what James has to say. Good luck.


Madhuri India (2021)

I am emotional just writing this review. Even thinking about what happened to me brings up great anxiety. I still have nightmares over it. I am a professional and came here with my family from India. Because of a misunderstanding at a store, I got arrested for something I did not do (shoplifting). It was so embarrassing. I hired James Sullivan to represent me. He patiently listened to my story. He understood what I was going through. He encouraged me that everything would be okay. Over several months of work, he was able to make the case go away, and I am now able to get it expunged from my record. I am so thankful I hired the right attorney.


Kumar P (2020)

Mr. Sullivan is a highly skilled and caring Attorney. Indeed, he is an amazing criminal defense lawyer. I hired him to fight and get dismissed my family violence case. I could not have asked for a better lawyer to handle my case!

I am an international immigrant. I've lived in the U.S. on a visa for over a decade. Work pressure and COVID stress led to an altercation between me and my spouse. Cops were involved. I was arrested for family violence. I am law abiding person. I work towards becoming a proud American citizen. I was distraught when this happened.

I contacted Mr. Sullivan over a long weekend. He actually answered the phone. From that first call, I felt as if I was speaking with a family member. He really wanted to put me at ease and help me. He told me not to worry. He patiently listened to my story in detail without rushing me. He really understood what I was going through. He took over my case and worked very hard over the next few weeks. He convinced the DA to dismiss my case!

Mr. Sullivan's fee was reasonable. He was always there to answer my questions. He returned my calls either promptly, or at the earliest opportunity. He was very professional. He empathized with me throughout the process. He gave me hope that everything would be alright and comforted me whenever I felt low. He also tried his best to resolve the differences between me and my spouse, as he firmly believes in the sanctity of marriage. He himself has been married 30 years.

Mr. Sullivan is genuinely a nice person, and I can vouch for the fact that he is a smart and dedicated lawyer. I hope no one ever has to use the services of a family violence attorney but in case you do, you will not find a better person than Mr. Sullivan to be on your side!


Texas innovative performance (2020)

I was involved in a dispute with my spouse that led to my arrest and md being charged with domestic violence. This was my first time I've had an encounter with the law and had no idea what to do in these circumstances. I did some research and Mr. Sullivan reviews gave me confidence that he was the correct lawyer to speak to. He told me that there would be task to complete to get through my case and I would have to be willing to make the effort to move forward. I can honestly say that calling him is the best choice I made, and I appreciate his help (case was dismissed).


Jorge Arjona (2020)

Mr. Sullivan has fought hard to get me a fair deal and dismiss my charges. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a smart and meticulous attorney.


Edwin Lugo (2020)

First of all I just want to really thank Mr. Sullivan so much for helping me with my case. He is very good at his job and it's because he puts people first. I was charged with a felony, and it was my very first time hiring an attorney, couldn’t have asked for a better one. He did everything to improve my situation and represented me in the best light. Mr. Sullivan is very personable and truly cares about defending his clients. He was there to offer sound advice but mostly to listen to me and to help me through my emotional situation since it was my very first time getting in trouble plus having 3 small children who need me. I was just truly scared and thought I would have the worst come at me meaning jail time. That didn’t happen, He was very supportive and patient with me through the whole court process. He did everything to improve my situation and provided outstanding results but most importantly he was very honest, patient and always kept me in the loop. Also, he is reasonable, and his costs are affordable. Overall, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Mr. Sullivan if you need someone to represent you. My husband and I really appreciate all your help!!!! Thanks again for everything


DJZ (2020)

Mr. Sullivan is an incredible attorney. The representation Mr. Sullivan provided was sincere, and very forthcoming. From the first phone call I had with him, he proved he cares more about you as a person than his billable rate which is extremely reasonable considering what a skilled attorney he is.

On to the case.

I found out I had a warrant, and I immediately searched for a criminal attorney. Mr. Sullivan was the second call I made, and I immediately felt comfortable and at ease with the situation as he gave sound advice during that first call. We met soon after in his office at a time that worked to my best convenience, which was after normal business hours. We talked for hours, as I walked him through what actually happened versus the charge. He gave his thoughts about the case, and that he has been very successful in getting the type of charges dismissed (family violence) against many other clients.

The court process took longer than I expected. Mr. Sullivan was on time to every setting, and extremely patient which provided me with a sense of ease. He stood firm that the best possible outcome would be a dismissal, and he pushed for it at every setting. The DA was not willing to concede at first, but the persistence of Mr. Sullivan and his willingness to fight the case at a jury trial eventually persuaded the DA to agree to, as Sullivan phrased it, a "pathway to dismissal". Soon thereafter, the requirements were met, and the case was dismissed.

Thank you Mr. Sullivan. You are an incredibly skilled attorney, and amazing person. I'm glad to have met you.


Van Nguyen (2020)

3 years ago (in 2017), James Sullivan helped me fight a felony assault charge on a family member that stemmed from a misunderstanding. I thought my life was over, but James helped me to get it dismissed and completely cleared up. James doesn't just care about his clients; he cares about people. He will never rush you off the phone or make you feel like just some client. Talk to him for 5 mins and you will see he clearly cares about people. During and after the case he was happy just to speak with me on the phone to make sure I was ok physically and mentally. He was happy to just talk to me about life and not about the case. James is a good human! After 3 years I came back to him for help getting my record expunged. James not only remembered me, my case details but everything! He would only bother to remember if he actually cared, and he does! If you need help, please try calling James Sullivan and just talk to him, you will see what I'm talking about right away.


bryan dorris (2020)

I was falsely accused of assaulting a police officer which is a serious offense. James Sullivan went above and beyond fighting tooth and nail with prosecutors who wanted me to take a plea when I was innocent. Mr. Sullivan refused to allow me to plead guilty to a crime I did not commit. I am doing my Happy Dance with pride and Joy that all charges were dismissed. I have used Mr. Sullivan in the past for juvenile and adult criminal charges on two other occasions. All with positive outcomes. I would Highly recommend Mr. Sullivan for anyone seeking legal services. You will not be disappointed. Thank you for making my life stress free. Sincerely, Mr. Dorris


Tasha Labbe (2020)

Where do I begin...
On February 13, 2019, my (18 at the time) now 19yo old son was arrested and charged with aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon. This was the most devastating time of my entire life. I couldn't eat, sleep, or work. My nerves and anxiety were all over the place. My son had a $50,000 bond, and I had no clue how I was going to pay a $50,000 bond and an attorney.

I had to hit the ground running. I googled hundreds of criminal defense attorneys in Harris County and surrounding areas, had endless consultations, promised returned phone calls from a few attorneys, and was terrified from reading reviews of others until I came across Mr. Sullivan's website and reviews. I was INSTANTLY drawn to him.

After reading his reviews, I knew Mr. Sullivan was the one. I called Mr. Sullivan early, very early, before business hours one morning, and unfortunately, he did not answer BUT he immediately returned my call. This man genuinely listened to every single thing I had to say. Our (me, I can talk) conversation was very lengthy, and he never once interrupted me, rushed me, or made me feel like he wasn't interested or listening to everything I had to say about my son's case. So, if you have the time to talk, he has the time to listen, but as I stated earlier, I knew Mr. Sullivan was the attorney for me so I had every intention on retaining him.

After our phone conversation, an office appointment was scheduled immediately. Meeting him in person was such a pleasure with a sigh of relief. His background is outstanding, and he can truly relate to the things our kids and teens encounter throughout life. So that very day after dealing with 3 other attorneys, I retained Mr. Sullivan to represent my son.

Mr. Sullivan went above and beyond in representing my son. This man is more than just an attorney and the rapport he builds makes you feel like you're more than a client. He's a family man and genuinely cares wholeheartedly. He's passionate about what he does, he's kind, he's patient, understanding but most importantly HE LISTENS and sympathizes with you. He's open and honest and does not give false hope.

If you are in need of a criminal defense attorney who will represent you and at the same time be appreciative of you as well, MR. SULLIVAN is the man to turn to.

My son was facing some serious jail time at such a young age but THANK GOD for guiding me to Mr. Sullivan. If you decide to retain Mr. Sullivan, LISTEN TO HIM! He knows what he's doing. I did everything he asked of me except the not bonding my son out of jail part. While out on bond, my son ended up getting charged with 2 more felonies: theft of an automobile and evading an officer. I wish I hadn't been so weak and scared for my son being in jail. I should've followed the instruction of Mr. Sullivan.

Instead of 1 serious felony charge, we were dealing with 3 serious felonies. Long story short, Mr. Sullivan made sure my son bond wasn't revoked, got 2 of the charges dismissed and a deferred on the last charge with my son being placed on the mental health caseload. This is very satisfying for us because we are willing to accept all mental health services offered. I cannot THANK THIS MAN ENOUGH.

If you're worried about retainer fees, don't be. Mr. Sullivan is worth every penny, every dollar. Keep in mind every case is different, not all situations are the same. Have faith. This man will take care of you. Trust in him, trust in his services.

Thank you Mr. Sullivan for all you have done!


Al Will (2020)

Mr. James Sullivan is one in a billion. He is one of the best and kindest attorneys you can find. 12 years ago (in 2008), Mr. Sullivan did fantastic job helping us win the case that was life changing for me and my family. Based on my previous experience with him after so many years I reached out to him again with a different case; other attorneys would charge me outrageous fees, but Mr. Sullivan went beyond what regular attorneys do, he advised me with every step I should take and answered all my questions. He really cares about his clients and always willing to take the time to explain any details that are confusing and makes you feel like a family. His legal fees are very affordable. If you love your family and need an excellent attorney, then he is the ONE. Trust me, you will be next to write a review about how good he is. He is the best. I would give 10 STARS if I could.


B R (2020)

First time ever needing a lawyer and I must say that this was a very good experience. He definitely knows what he is doing and how everything operates in the system, he kept me updated throughout my case and made sure we got the answers in a timely matter. For being the first time representing me in such short notice, he did such a great job and my case got "no bill" by Grand Jury. I highly recommend Mr. Sullivan.


Crystal LaBree (2019)

My husband and I live in Oklahoma and had a domestic violence case open in Houston, Texas last year. The charge was assault of a family member. Upon being notified of a warrant for my husband's arrest, I needed to hire an attorney asap. I googled top rated defense attorneys in Houston and came across James Sullivan. I contacted him around 6 pm on a Wednesday evening and explained our detailed situation and he spent about 45 min on the phone with me explaining what we needed to do and how we would achieve a positive outcome. He was very caring and well experienced!

We came to Houston the next day to have our first face to face consult, and he was able to get us in court the very next day! My husband was facing a serious charge and jail time. Mr. Sullivan not only got him a PR bond, but more importantly got the prosecutor to agree to dismiss the case in exchange for my husband doing 8 hrs of community service and taking a brief online anger management class. My husband was able to do that in Oklahoma so, thanks to Mr. Sullivan, we only had to drive down to Houston once, as he will get the case dismissed before the next setting.

At first, we were worried that my husband might lose his career over this, might have to return to Houston multiple times to fight the case, might go to jail, or even be on probation. Instead, and incredibly, Mr. Sullivan worked out a deal to get my husband's case dismissed within 2 days of first talking to him! I am beyond thankful for his quick work on our case, his professionalism and caring demeanor!


Ivan Rodriguez (2019)

Man oh man what can i say this man blessed me got the prosecutor to drop a family violence case from a felony habitual down to a class A misdemeanor deferred. Couldn’t have asked for a more understandable and hardworking lawyer as Jim always on time at court and makes sure you know what and how the case is going. Jim if your reading this i just wanna say thank you man THANK YOU. i could of been incarcerated but thanks to you i didn’t get close to seeing any of that πŸ€˜πŸΌπŸ’―πŸ’― THANK YOU


Lakadrick Davis (2019)

James Sullivan is One of the greatest to ever do it. The reviews aren’t a lie. When I first checked out his reviews and I’ve seen many positive comments and cases he has beaten, I gave him a call and we moved forward from there. I got caught up in a Situation about two Years back which led me with 3 serious misdemeanors. I sat and I explained to Mr. Sullivan the situation. Long story short his words be gonna get this Dismissed, thrown out.

However in between time of the back n forth to work I got fired from my job because of my background so I had barely had amount of money to keep paying my fees, next thing you know I contact Mr. Sullivan to explain. I expected him to sign off on the cases, but he said he’d work with me and stayed on board. At that next setting in court last week, he literally got all cases Dismissed! Thank you, Mr. Sullivan.


jesus loza (2019)

I just want to begin by saying Mr. Sullivan is a great criminal attorney. I was charged with Assault with bodily injury in March. It happened at the first Dynamo game of the season. I helped painting for a large "El Batallon" banner that was briefly unfurled over our section before the game started, and this guy deliberately messed it up. He was down low in our section where he wasn't supposed to be, and when he held his right arm up high it prevented part of the banner's message to be seen. Our entire group was mad about it. I confronted the guy, and he talked trash, so I punched him in the face. I didn't punch him hard, so I was surprised later when I learned I got arrested for assault. I thought I was arrested for public intoxication or something like that. As a result, I got banned from Dynamo games the rest of the season. I called Mr. Sullivan the following Monday and met with him the same day. I told him what happened. He said my being banned the rest of the season ought to be punishment enough. Today June 20, 2019, the nightmare is over. Mr. Sullivan got the assault case dismissed! I am really thankful for Mr. Sullivan and would recommend his services to anyone needing a defense attorney. Again, thank you Mr. Sullivan.


Logan Ellard (2019)

On September 22, 2017, I was accused of assault family violence. I was shocked, traumatized and had just lost my career as a K-9 security guard. I am also an Army veteran that served a tour in Afghanistan. I searched for Attorneys and found James Sullivan and Nancy Botts and realized then they would be the ones I would trust to prove my innocence and get me through this rough patch in my life.

When I went to their office and gave them all the information on what exactly happened, they told me not to worry and that they had it handled. We went through the Court system for a little over a year, not due to lack of work on James’ or Nancy's behalf but because of Hurricane Harvey. We got rescheduled quite a few times and James always made it a point to make sure I was notified of when the next date was and what exactly was going on. I felt comfortable calling him and texting him when something was changing or when I needed information.

We finally got a trial date, and it lasted 2 full days between the State and our defense witnesses. From the start, during jury selection, James frustrated the State because they were breaking the rules. He strongly objected twice, and the judge ordered them to change their Power Point slides and presentation.

During the State’s case, James and Nancy took turns skillfully questioning their witnesses. They were able to show through major discrepancies between the 911 calls, the investigating officer, and the complainant that the complainant and another state witness conspired to lie about what happened, claiming that they were the victims when in fact the complainant was the aggressor. Nancy even called to the stand a prosecutor who had spoken with the complainant about two months after the incident. The story the complainant told the prosecutor was even different from the original story to 911 and the officer.

The questions and statements made by these two were prepared, smart and very composed. The third day we went for the decision on guilty or not guilty. James made a passionate closing argument, and the jury deliberated for just a few minutes before coming out with a decision. NOT GUILTY! James and Nancy had proved my innocence, showed the state, the judge, jury, and visitors in the courtroom that I was innocent. It was over, finally! I was very proud of the decision I had made to hire James Sullivan and Nancy Botts to defend me. I would recommend 100% to anyone with an assault family violence case to hire this law firm.



Lucien Kettle (2019)

Mr. Sullivan was the first and only I had to contact about a close friend of mine’s case (a felony probation violation), he was quick to represent her on her charge and went to the jail to explain all of her options. She had no bond, and he was able to get her an affordable bond and I was able to quickly bail her out of jail. She had failed to report to probation for over a year and was very worried she might be sent to prison; however Mr. Sullivan was able to get her back on track and her probation ended within 60 days and all fines dropped. I now keep his card in my wallet and will recommend him to anyone. Plus, he's a real down to earth guy and a pleasure to talk to.


KM Barkley (2019)

James Sullivan quite possibly saved my future from disaster. He's a fantastic lawyer to have in your corner and I'm glad I didn't go with someone else.

I recently had a case come up that I needed some serious help with. I never had a criminal record in the past, and with my career, having a blemish on my record like this could potentially blacklist me. The situation arose when my wife and I started getting into very large, drawn out verbal arguments that sometimes led to the police being called. She had stopped taking her medication (anxiety and depression among others) which led to her irrationality in many situations. One particularly bad morning, we had an altercation as she blocked me from leaving for work and she later called the cops with an assault claim, thinking it would just scare me into coming home. Instead, they arrested me for Assault Family Violence (another fancy way of saying domestic violence), with which the D.A. takes it upon themselves to charge instead of my wife telling them not to.

Needless to say, I was more than a little scared. I could have an assault on my record that could NEVER go away.

I called James Sullivan after talking to about 8 different lawyers. Half of them were outrageously expensive with no promise to do any actual work, while the other half were scaring the hell out of me by saying that I could face jail time.

Sullivan's approach was very different. He was calm, collected, and understanding. His background in various criminal cases gave him a wide breadth of experience – so he could communicate exactly what was coming, the steps I needed to take, and the possible outcomes of every decision. He was prompt, on time, and ALWAYS composed.

In the end, I now have a way to get this case dismissed (without trial) and we are moving forward. Pretrial intervention is another way to get a case dismissed, but what Sullivan worked out is even better.

This was a much better resolution than I could have ever hoped for especially after talking with other lawyers. Sullivan's fees are extremely fair, especially for the knowledge, expertise, and work he puts into your case. The fact that he can convey composure and seems to genuinely care for what you are going through is a huge bonus.

I wouldn't go anywhere else. Give James Sullivan a call first.


mcdaniel km (2019)

My husband and I have never had to seek a defense lawyer before our "hit and leave the scene" incident (failure to stop and give information). We have insurance which paid for the repairs of the other car involved. Yet, my husband left the scene as he got anxious with fear. Therefore, he was arrested, bailed out, and in need of a defense lawyer. When I used Google to help me look for a defense lawyer, Mr. Sullivan appeared on the screen as nearby. Bonus points!! I made phone calls to him and other lawyers to get a feel for their services and fees involved. One lawyer was using scare tactics for me to choose him. What a horrible conversation. However, Mr. Sullivan was easy to talk to and made me feel like everything was going to be alright. Mr. Sullivan knows what he is doing and gets the job done with a great outcome. God bless and a huge thank you to attorney Sullivan for getting the case dismissed after some community service.
Mr. Sullivan is a wonderful lawyer to choose.


sara migueles (2019)

I just want to say that Mr. Sullivan is a great attorney and honest person. I was arrested and charged with Interfering with Public Duties. I thought that I was going to get charged with PI or something. We went out on the night to have a few drinks and to come home but that did not happen. I was going through different emotions because I recently had a miscarriage and thought a few drinks would not hurt. Before I knew it, I was tipsy, and I think something was put into my drink because I never argue with my husband, but that night was something else. On the way home I told the Uber driver to drop us off at Denny's so we could get some coffee and food. The only thing I remember was being outside and the next thing I know I woke up in county jail. I started to cry, trying to remember how I ended up there. My husband told me that the police officers told him that I was going to be checked out by the EMT's and then released. He later told me that they separated us, and they ended up taking me to jail.

The next day after I got released from that horrible place (county jail) which I would like to say that this was my first time ever getting into trouble and being in jail. I was scared out of my mind. We looked up the charges that I was being charged with and we found Mr. Sullivan. We talked to him over the phone, and he set up the appointment for the next day. Once at his office he explained the process and my options. I was very pleased that everything he explained to us was done by him. He was confident he could get the case dismissed. I asked him what was the worse case scenario and he told me. Thankfully he got the charges dismissed. I told Mr. Sullivan that I'm thankful for his service and attention to my case. He is a great lawyer and everything he said was gonna happen happened. I definitely recommend Mr. Sullivan.


Houston Houston (2018)

James Sullivan is a great lawyer and a great person. In June, I was arrested after drinking too much and damaged a parked car. I was charged with a Class A misdemeanor of criminal mischief. As a medical professional (doctor), I cannot have any convictions on my record or I risk losing my ability to work in the healthcare field. James was able to get my charges dismissed after paying restitution and taking a short decision-making course.

Getting the charges dismissed was awesome and I am extremely grateful that James Sullivan was able to hash out a deal with the prosecution, but what I enjoyed most was his calm yet confident demeanor. He never rushed phone calls or made me feel hurried. When I was arrested and still in custody, James spoke with my nervous girlfriend. He was able to calmly explain the charges, options and likely outcome which made her feel at peace. We also had an overseas vacation planned that conflicted with my first court date. We had to leave before the court date and would not return until several days afterward. James assured us we could leave on the vacation as scheduled and he would go to court and reset my court date until after we returned. A few days later I received his text message that he did reset the court date so that we could continue to enjoy our vacation on a sunny Caribbean island.

I highly recommend James Sullivan for anyone looking to get the best outcome. His rates are very reasonable and the value he provides in terms of customer service is unparalleled.


LaShonda Edwards (2018)

I was recently charged with a felony that I didn’t know existed, Injury to a child under the age of 15. I spanked my 14 yr. old daughter with a belt after she stole one of my vehicles for the second time. I am a registered nurse and single mother of two girls. For me this was an all or nothing situation. Being a nurse, I cannot have a conviction on my record and I couldn’t take a plea bargain to a lesser charge. My livelihood and family’s future were on the line. I needed a lawyer I could trust and who is known for getting the job done.

I contacted James Sullivan who took the time on the first initial call to talk to me over 45min explaining the charge and answering every question I had. He accepted my case and in less than 2 days I had to appear in court. Mr. Sullivan guided me every step of the way, through a very emotional time in my life.

My case was won when it was dismissed by the grand jury with a “No Bill”. I read another review referring to James Sullivan as the King of No Bills and I can testify he is. Mr. Sullivan is passionate about what he does and understands the importance of his clients’ needs. My gratitude cannot be expressed enough through this review. If you are looking to hire a lawyer, stop and look no further you have found the best man for the job. Thank you, Jim Sullivan for the flawless victory over my case and saving my future.


Jeremy Bryan (2018)

From start to finish it was an amazing experience with Jim Sullivan. He took care of me and my family like we were his own. He was always prompt with any action needed in my case. I was wrongfully accused of aggravated assault of a family member and Jim worked hard to get my case dismissed.

My wife suffers from anxiety and the meds she took made her susceptible to negative influence. After hurricane Harvey we made the mistake of letting one of her sisters and her children stay with us. If I had known she was a homewrecker and had already destroyed several other marriages, I never would have allowed it. Like they say, no good deed goes unpunished.

I learned later that my wife and her siblings were all traumatized as children when their drunken father threatened to shoot them if they called the police after he had abused their mother. All the kids grew up with nightmares of that event. It affected them differently and each one dealt with or didn’t deal with it differently. My wife had recently begun having recurring nightmares of it.

It wasn’t long after my wife’s sister moved in that she began to cause problems in my own marriage. I asked her to leave, but my wife wouldn’t allow it for the sake of her kids, so I briefly left the house. Before I got back, my wife texted me not to return, and so I stayed away. What I didn’t know was that soon after that my wife had shared the nightmare with her sister, and her sister took advantage of her weak state and convinced her that the nightmare was real and that it was I that I had threatened her with a gun, not her father. Her sister had the police called out and they told this false story.

I didn’t know this until I found out there was a warrant out for my arrest several days later. I also found out that my wife had taken over my cell phone account and had my phone shut off, and so I didn’t know that the police were trying to reach me to get my side of the story. I was forced to borrow money to hire a lawyer and then pay for a bond. Because of the false charges, my business almost went under, and I was in dire straits for a long time.

Jim Sullivan spent many months fighting my case. He was always in court on time with all the documentation needed during the case. He became more like a friend then an attorney because he had my back. Early on, my wife’s ex-husband and her sister even lied to the DA to try to get my bond revoked, but because of Jim's great relationship with the court he kept that from happening. The judges trust him. He's a good man and a great attorney. I feel very blessed to of had him in my corner. If it wasn't for him, I don't think this case would've been dismissed. I really appreciate everything he's done for me, and my family and he will be my attorney for as long as he is practicing law. Thank you for everything you've done for us Jim, I don't know where I'd be without you brother.



Mr. Sullivan got my Aggravated Assault of a Family Member with a firearm reduced to a misdemeanor. Thanks, Jim...

I recommend Mr. Sullivan 100% to anyone trying to get the best result in their felony case. I was very impressed with his professionalism and care. He was never late to any of my court settings, and he gave me good advice on what to do to help my case. He soon became more than a lawyer and more like a friend by being there for me on my struggles with my case and life.

I was charged with aggravated assault of a family member with a firearm. My case was a really bad one, but Mr. Sullivan was able to get the best result possible. I expected to get 15 years or more in prison, but at the end of everything he worked out a deal for a misdemeanor where I only spent four months in Harris County jail. This was a slap on the hand compared to what I expected.

Mr. Sullivan was very diligent in his work and knew what he was doing at all times. He even speaks really good Spanish and was able to communicate with my sister since she doesn't speak English well. I recommend Mr. Sullivan to anyone looking for a professional, responsible, caring, smart, and effective lawyer. He really cares for his clients and that's something that is hard to find nowadays. He even helped me with a great payment plan. He is worth way more than what he asked me for, and I am greatly appreciative for his work, professionalism, and friendship. He is a very smart person, and he is always giving advice for life betterment. I really admire him and don’t have anything negative to say. He is so humble and a great person to be around. He knows the law like the palms of his hands and even on the first day he prognosticated what the prosecutor’s offer was going to be (15 years TDC) and what he was going to get it down to (1 year HCJ) and he did it even though I thought it was impossible. Thank God for people like him, thanks to him I'm done with all my problems now and I'm thankful to him for everything he did, thank you Mr. Sullivan.


Abigail S (2018)

Being arrested for the first time, I wasn't sure who to turn to for help. Long story short, I did something that I shouldn't have, spanked my daughter with an umbrella. I was under a lot of stress, and it didn't help that her behavior was drastically changing for the worst. The next day I was questioned by the police. I waived my rights and told the police of the incident. Consequently, I was charged with a felony, Injury to a child.

I was new to Houston, and I had no family or close friends. Not knowing any better I first hired the worst attorney in Houston. It was the worst experience EVER. I found him online and now wish I had first read his reviews. The first meeting went well. He said that he had worked with the prosecutor, he knew the judge personally and that he has dealt with similar cases recently. I paid him the full retainer fee. I felt that I was in good hands until we spoke the next day. His tone, demeanor and attitude had changed. I believe his intentions were to have me indicted then charge me thousands of dollars to attempt to get me probation. He didn't even consider presenting a defense to the Grand Jury. I felt frustrated, hopeless, and stuck.

After speaking to my husband we decided to hire another lawyer. After doing hours of research, we agreed to speak to attorney Jim Sullivan, and boy we are glad we did! He was very knowledgeable, straightforward, and caring. He offers free consultations, and his charges are reasonable. Our first 2 conversations lasted about 30-45 mins. I explained everything that happened in detail, he helped me understand the law and spoke about his previous cases. I felt a sense of relief when we ended our conversations. Unlike the previous attorney we had hired, Mr. Sullivan knew what he was doing. Mr. Sullivan told us he would first fight the case at the Grand Jury and would need to prepare a defense packet. He explained the process and told me exactly what he needed. Two weeks after turning in the packet, the Grand Jury dismissed my case!!!!!!!

There are MANY things that I liked about Mr. Sullivan. He is the person who picks up when you call (not a receptionist). He is flexible. He accepts payments plans. He is honest. He responds to calls/text within hours. He listens without interrupting. He works outside regular business hours (weekends, after 6pm). He treats you like you are his priority, and he is very caring. The only thing that I didn't like about this experience was the fact that I didn't find him sooner. I would definitely recommend Mr. Sullivan to family and friends.


Robert C (2018)

My wife and I attended the rodeo this past February with a couple who are close friends of ours. We drank a little more than usual and took an Uber back to my house. As the night progressed on, my buddy and I got into an altercation that ended up with me making a drunken mistake and striking him in the face with my fist. Law enforcement was called to my house, and I ended up being arrested for assault with bodily injury. I am a first responder, and that kind of mark on my record would have ended my 20-year career. When I returned home the next day, I immediately began my research to find a good attorney with a stellar background and who was also financially feasible. After hours of research, it was without question that Jim Sullivan was the man for the job.

I truly can't say enough about this man. From the initial meeting where I shared my story to the day we were in court, Mr. Sullivan was compassionate, steadfast, and resilient to my needs and getting the case dismissed. His interaction with the district attorney was genuine while being dedicated to the mission of having these charges dropped. In the end, Mr. Sullivan fought for me, my family, and my career with an outcome better than I had imagined. The charges were dismissed. I can now continue my life in a career I am very passionate about, and it is all thanks to Mr. Sullivan. Thank you, sir. You are truly the best.


Javier GA (2018)

Atty. James Sullivan addressed my case and overall situation with an impressive amount of humanity and sympathy. This was quickly made apparent as our first conversations concerned the root cause of the behavior that led to my arrest more than the technical legal aspects of its consequences. Atty. Sullivan made the effort to understand me and where I came from to address the underlying behavioral issue. That is, to ensure not only the resolution of the legal problem at hand but also the prevention of further complications with the law. At that time, my situation was further complicated because I had a similar case pending in FL relating to my addiction. Atty. Sullivan even went as far as to search for addiction support groups in my area and suggest a few, and his generosity moved me to begin attending meetings close by. They've helped me tremendously.

Atty. Sullivan was able to obtain an arrangement at the first court setting that resulted in a case dismissal at the second court setting after I showed concrete evidence that I was seeking help for my addiction. A better outcome could not be desired. I was given the chance to get my life on track. I have stayed sober ever since and am now returning to work as a professional in my field. Atty. Sullivan also charges very reasonable fees. For all that he did for me I owe thanks to Atty. Sullivan.


will o (2018)

Jim Sullivan is a great lawyer. He saved me from a lifetime of sex offender registration. Before I hired him, another lawyer told me I might get probation, but I’d still have to register. My life would’ve been over if that happened. I couldn’t get a job. I couldn’t support my family. Only Mr. Sullivan had the confidence that he could beat my case.

I had met this girl on Facebook. The girl said she was 18 and had a child of her own. I was 24. We dated during the summer and then she said I got her pregnant. When her mama found out, she called the police. That’s when I learned that the girl was only 16 at the time. I got charged with Sexual Assault of a Child and was looking at doing 2 to 20 years in prison.

The lawyer I first spoke to said I committed statutory rape and that there was no defense. He wanted to charge a large fee just to try and get me probation. I then spoke with Mr. Sullivan. He assured me that I had a good chance of getting the case no billed or dismissed by the grand jury and then getting my arrest records expunged. At first I didn’t know what he was talking about it because I had never heard of a grand jury before, so he explained it to me how he was going to do it. Mr. Sullivan told me he had gotten other sex cases dismissed the same way. He also charged less than the other lawyers.

I am so glad that I found Mr. Sullivan. He did what he said he was going to do. Within 3 months of being charged, he got my case no billed by the grand jury. I cannot thank him enough for what he did for me. He really saved my life. I recommend him to anyone who needs a criminal lawyer. In my mind, he is the best.


Tyler Carmichael (2018)

I have had epilepsy since 2010. In July 2017 I had a seizure and while in a postictal state following the seizure I lit a gasoline fire on the garage’s concrete floor of a rental house. It was an irrational attempt to defend my wife from a former friend and tenant who was attacking her. During the attack, he accidentally knocked over a gas can that spilled gas. The fire stopped the attack but also spread to the gas can, which my wife immediately threw into the front yard and was extinguished by the police that arrived a few moments later. My wife had called the police a few minutes before because the former friend had threatened to get his gun. He is also a drug user and violent, but his father is a police officer. As a result, even though my wife’s parents witnessed what happened, I was the one arrested by the police and charged with arson after the fire marshal’s office got involved.

Attorney Jim Sullivan was highly recommended to me by an associate that works at a law firm in Houston. I gave Mr. Sullivan a call that day and spoke with his associate Nancy Botts, who took thorough notes on the case, and passed the word onto Jim who then returned my call within hours. We spoke about 45 minutes about my incident and what all took place. He agreed to accept my first degree felony case that day for a very reasonable amount of money. Shortly after that we all met in person for a few hours to discuss the entire story, my medical problem and the erratic behavior that took place. After asking my wife and her parents detailed questions about their observations that day and the next, he believed that my condition played a role in the event. He believed strongly from day one that the charges were wrong and unjust. Jim always represented himself to be confident in our ability to have my case dismissed from court, long before ever having to go to trial. Jim said that it is exceedingly rare for an epilepsy defense to work, but he was confident he could do it.

Hurricane Harvey caused a delay in my case due to the courthouse flooding. Jim Sullivan always represented me in timely, professional, and caring fashion. He spent immense amounts of time researching epilepsy, learning what it is, the various types of seizure, how it affects a person, along with tons of man hours putting together an incredible defense packet to present to the grand jury. He also asked my neurologist detailed questions about whether a simple partial seizure could explain my erratic behavior, my memory recall two hours later when I was questioned by the police and other pertinent details of the case. The neurologist agreed that a simple partial seizure was entirely plausible and possible, that my behavior would have been non-volitional and agreed to write a letter explaining why. Once the grand jury read over the lengthy defense packet, the week after Thanksgiving, my case was no billed (dismissed).

Throughout this entire process, I had two brain surgeries and am now seizure free. Jim Sullivan and his practice were amazing, and I would highly recommend him to friends, family, and everyone. Lord forbid, if I am ever again in a situation that would involve his expertise, I will certainly call Jim Sullivan and seek his counsel before ever trying anyone else.


Mike Callahan (2018)

Jim Sullivan is honest and hard-working. He loves the law and knows it well. Every interaction I have had with him has been positive and I will continue to use Jim as my legal representation in the future. All communication was timely, professional, and directly from him. Jim promptly responded to questions via phone or email. Fees for services were reasonable and he was able to get court fees reduced significantly. Jim was able to take on my case and prepare with just 3 days notification. I felt confident by his side, and he accomplished everything he set out to do to help me. Jim took the time to get to know me and listen to what was important to me. I will not hesitate to refer friends or family to Jim Sullivan, knowing they too will be in capable hands.


kolya hill (2018)

On May 6, 2016, I was arrested for domestic violence, soon as the cops came to my house they handcuff me, put me in the patrol car to investigate. On that night, my wife for hours, hours nag me to the point I jumped on top of her to tell her stop it. The cops said my wife said that I tried to choke her, that they seen bruise marks on her neck. The police took me to jail and this was my first time going to jail at the age of 45. I hired Mr. James Sullivan to be my attorney and when he requested the picture of my wife neck and 911 call, the state did not have it at all so there wasn't enough evidence to build a package for the grand jury to get a no bill. The day I went back to court the prosecutor didn't want to drop the charges but he didn't want to do a trial by jury because there wasn't enough evidence to get a conviction but the deal was that if I pled guilty, the state would lower the charge from a felony to a class A misdemeanor because I never been in any trouble before so I took that deal to avoid a trial by jury and sometime the jury don't get it right by me being a black man getting a fair trial. I explain to Mr. Sullivan that I can't have a felony on my record to keep my job that I worked for 25 years. Mr. Sullivan got the felony dismissed of off my record so I can maintain employment at my job, and I thank him very much for the hard work he has done. If anyone gets in trouble, I would suggest 100% that you need to hire Mr. James Sullivan. He would be the lawyer I would want to handle my family violence case.


L O (2018)

I am so glad that I met Attorney Jim Sullivan. He was very helpful, and he calmed my nerves when I first met him. He spent over three hours talking to me and my father about ways to get my case resolved. He didn't have to go this late, but he took his time and explained everything thoroughly to me and explained step-by-step what needed to be done. Miss Nancy Botts, another lawyer that works with Jim, was also amazing and talked to me and my family about my case. She went out of her way to come and meet me because I was not allowed to stay with my family during the case. So, she met with me and went over everything that happened and also met with my family and also wrote down what happened and took evidence of everything that went on. I was very nervous because I was facing a 1st degree felony of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon family violence. And that could've meant five years to life in prison. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine I would be in such a situation but fortunately Jim and Nancy saw the good in me and wanted to help me out. Because of their exhaustive and meticulous work my case was no billed by the grand jury in Fort Bend County. I appreciate everything Jim and Nancy have done, and I will recommend them to anybody who inquires about criminal defense attorneys. Because of them I have my freedom and I will be able to continue to pursue my life’s goal in grad school.


Marcus Morrissey (2018)

When I got in trouble with the law I was lost and didn't know what to do. I was looking up attorneys online and after contacting countless lawyers I finally found Jim Sullivan. The moment I decided to go with him I knew I had made the right choice. He was upfront and honest about my case and how much time I could possibly face. From the jump Jim went out and collected all the evidence needed so that he could help me get the best deal on my case. A couple months after all my legal troubles started Jim had taken care of them and got my serious felony down to a misdemeanor with 4 weekends of community service, way better than the 25 years to life sentence I was facing. Jim is honest and cares. If you are looking for a good attorney I suggest this be the guy you hire.


Jackie E (2018)

I'm so grateful to have met Jim Sullivan at a time in my life when I felt so lost and discouraged. I was dealing with a case of family violence where my husband falsely accused me to gain citizenship. I was going to divorce him when I found out he was cheating on me. I was very hesitant to find an attorney and a friend of mine told me about Jim. The moment I spoke with him I immediately felt hope after seeing how confident he was about the case. The first court setting he worked hard for my freedom and proved to me that he was there for me. He promised me this case would be dismissed and handled properly and indeed he stuck to his word. He's a great attorney I surely recommend him to everyone in need, wouldn’t have known what to do without him. I can finally live a normal life again, thanks Mr. Jim Sullivan.


Miriam Garcia (2017)

I Googled "Houston family violence lawyer" and Mr. Sullivan came up. I did my research and was very satisfied with his ratings and case results. I decided to call him and unlike other offices the lawyer is the one that answers! That's a first, and when I spoke to him the first time, he made me feel like I could trust him. My husband is a habitual felon. This is his 2nd family violence case, so he was looking at anywhere from 25 years to life in prison. However, Mr. Sullivan was able to get the case reduced down to a misdemeanor and my husband will only do a few days in the county! It went from an enhanced felony habitual case all the way down to a misdemeanor. Thank you, Jim, for everything you did for my husband. Everyone that asks me if I know a good lawyer, I will give them your card.


Lori LaRocca (2017)

My brother and I hired Jim Sullivan after reading his bio and his many positive client reviews online. My brother needed to be represented on a serious stalking charge in which he faced up to 10 years in prison. My brother has had a rough go in life, he has struggled with bipolar disorder all his life of 53 years. This illness led to multiple addictions starting with gambling then he turned to substance abuse. He finally thought he found true love and got married in 2004. Shortly thereafter they experienced problems. The marriage did not last long, but my brother continued to pursue her. His ex-wife had my brother arrested multiple times throughout the years. My brother wasn’t going to stop pursuing his ex-wife even after being warned by law enforcement which landed him with a warrant for his arrest.

My brother was in serious trouble until he met with Mr. Sullivan. We met with Mr. Sullivan on a Saturday afternoon and we were immediately impressed by his vast knowledge of the law and his keen understanding of the psychological problems from which my brother suffered. He spent several hours with us, giving my brother excellent counsel by sharing different stories he had experienced in life and in the courtroom. After years of trying to convince my brother to try medication, Mr. Sullivan was able to breakthrough all of my brother’s excuses and convince him to seek psychiatric treatment and counseling. With my brother’s lengthy history and problems, Mr. Sullivan made it clear to him that it would mean the difference between probation or prison. Furthermore, without medical help, his life would continue to be difficult with his cycling between the highs of mania and lows of depression. Mr. Sullivan told him that he was as concerned for the rest of his life as he was about the serious charge that got him arrested. Once my brother accepted his genuine and sincere advice, he began taking medication and attending counseling. This changed his life, you can say Mr. Sullivan saved my brother’s life literally.

In court the prosecutor would not agree to probation and only offered my brother prison time, so Mr. Sullivan advised my brother that he would have to ask for probation from the judge during a punishment hearing. Recently, my brother had that PSI hearing. His ex-wife testified against him and said she had been afraid of him since their divorce and also claimed that he would call her cell phone hundreds of times a day and leave harassing messages. Through his questioning of her, Mr. Sullivan was able to show that just a few years ago she frequently used my brother to drive her around the state for her job and even spent many nights with him in the same hotel room. As to the phone calls, Mr. Sullivan was able to show that she had created a Google voice account just for him to call and had a co-worker give him her new number. Wanting to hear her voice recording, he would call that number repeatedly and leave sweet messages. His ex-wife admitted that those calls were only saved online and were not sent to her cell phone.

My brother also testified and spoke about his lifelong problems with bipolar disorder, his past problems with substance abuse and of never being on medication. For the first time since his childhood, he said he felt normal, no more mood swings. He sincerely apologized for his actions. He said he had moved on and had not tried to contact his ex-wife for almost a year.

Mr. Sullivan was able to persuade the Judge to grant deferred probation and keep my brother out of prison and this allowed him to continue his progress. Mr. Sullivan eloquently persuaded the Judge that with treatment one can change their behavior and live a normal life. I could not have asked for a better attorney than Jim Sullivan. I highly recommend this attorney, he is very wise counsel and deeply cares about his clients.

Sister Lori, Houston, TX


Yonathan Delgado (2017)

I cannot thank Jim Sullivan as much as I want to for the huge help with my case in Harris County. I was falsely accused of theft at work, fired and charged with theft. I was looking and looking and got a recommendation for this great man from a friend. What started as a call became a face to face conversation. He understood what I was going through and listened to all the fine details of my case. He told me he would try his best to get things fixed. And as he said he would he was by my side every court date making sure I was getting good representation. I am one of the Dreamer kids who was brought here as a child and a plea to a theft charge would’ve resulted in my not ever becoming a U.S. citizen. As a result of his hard work in court date after court date, he got my cased solved and dismissed. I was so glad. I felt the weight lifted off my back. I cannot thank you enough for standing beside me, believing in me and your confidence. You are truly a great man and for that I wanted to thank you.


Yoga Mom (2017)

I issue my highest recommendation to Attorney Jim Sullivan, who proved to be an honest, hard-working professional that thoroughly defended my ex-husband and friend, Johnny, when he found himself in bleak circumstances. Johnny was charged with aggravated assault nine days after he shot a man in self-defense when the man broke into his home.

On March 16, 2016, Johnny visited me, and told me that he was very concerned that a former friend and neighbor he had allowed to stay at his house for a few days was acting erratic and hostile, and that household items were missing. He said he only allowed Kyle to stay at his house to keep him from being arrested following a family argument. Due to his concerns, Johnny said that morning he repeatedly asked Kyle to leave, then told him to leave by 5:00 pm, but Kyle was still there when Johnny went home after work. I suggested he tell the man to leave one more time, and then to call the police if he refused to go.

Around 10:00 p.m. that night Johnny dialed the police after Kyle verbally threatened him and again refused to leave. Once the police were called, Kyle did exit the house, and Johnny locked all the doors. Witnesses outside the house verified that Kyle returned minutes later, beat on the front door, yelled threats, and then entered the house through the garage and then doggie door. Kyle had apparently disabled the garage door lock. Johnny, 53, was disabled from a duty-related accident that left one leg slightly crooked and held together with titanium rods. In addition, a motorcycle accident the previous year left him unable to form a complete fist on his writing hand and he had a titanium elbow. The bottom line was that Johnny could not run and he could not defend himself. Therefore, in self-defense, he shot Kyle in the upper chest when he got within a foot of him, fists up and yelling. Police came, Kyle was taken for treatment, and initially Kyle told the police that he was at fault and did not want to press charges.

However, nine days later Kyle pressed charges and my friend, who was a former Air Force K-9 Security Officer and a member of the Patriot Guard, was arrested. After Johnny posted a bond, he missed his first court date because he wasn’t notified of it. He then contacted Mr. Sullivan, who took his case and managed to get his bond re-instated. Sadly, the day before the new court date Johnny was involved in another motorcycle accident. Mr. Sullivan kept working on Johnny’s case while Johnny was hospitalized for 23 days.

Johnny remarked on how much time and effort Mr. Sullivan took to gather witness statements and to write a persuasive defense packet for the grand jury. He visited Johnny multiple times at the hospital and at his home and took photographs of the house to give the grand jury a clear idea of how events unfolded. He gave Johnny hope that things would get better. As a direct result of Mr. Sullivan’s efforts, Johnny’s aggravated assault case was no billed.

Although his health worsened and Johnny passed away a few weeks later, he was vindicated in defending himself in his own home. Johnny died at home in his own bed, a free man.

I fully recommend Mr. Sullivan as a fair, thorough attorney for anyone who finds themselves in a difficult situation and needs help and hope. Thank you, Jim, for helping my friend.


Esther Zapata


My 19-year-old son was charged with Aggravated Assault of a Family Member in February 2017. Thanks to Attorney Jim Sullivan his case was dismissed by the grand jury only 3 months later.

My son had gone to a party with his girlfriend and a massive fight broke out. Both were pulled in and had to defend themselves. During this fight my son’s girlfriend fell and hurt herself pretty badly, but because they had been drinking, she did not realize it at the time. After the fight was over, they decided to go home, but thankfully another boy realized that they could not drive and offered to drive them home in my son’s truck.

When they arrived at my home the boy noticed that my son’s girlfriend was bleeding and accused my son of beating her. Of course, my son had not done such a thing and both he and his girlfriend began to defend him. The boy would not listen and slashed my son’s truck tire and proceeded to call the police.

The boy left, and the situation started a fight between my son and his girlfriend. Both suffer from depression, and she is also bi-polar. My son took his knife out and threatened to kill himself. Sadly, this was not the first time that my son has attempted to kill himself. When the police arrived, they arrested my son and charged him with aggravated assault. The girlfriend screamed and yelled at them that my son had done nothing to her, but they did not listen. I understand that the scene they pulled up on may have caused them to believe that my son had hurt his girlfriend, but he hadn’t.

I was terrified of the consequences and googled attorneys in my area. Jim Sullivan popped up and I began to read all the reviews. I found his website and proceeded to read his bio. He specializes in aggravated assault cases and is a Christian. I was sold immediately so I reached out to him. After speaking with him the first time his main concern was my son’s well-being and his depression. That is when I immediately knew that I had contacted the right attorney.

About a month after hiring Jim Sullivan, my son got himself in trouble again. He was out one night and hit a parked car with his truck. He was afraid and made the wrong decision to not stop to give his information. He went to a friend’s house and the police were able to track him down and arrest him. He was charged with Failure to Give Information, a misdemeanor. At this point Jim rushed to finish preparing and turn in a defense packet on the first case and began working on this new case. Jim managed to persuade the prosecutor to dismiss the new case in exchange for my son performing 40 hours of community service and taking a decision-making class.

And then we waited for the felony case to be presented to the grand jury. During this time my son continued to go out with his girlfriend, not realizing that he had a 90-day protective order against him instead of a 60 day like he believed because of the first case. The prosecutor made Jim Sullivan aware of the situation and Jim convinced him not to press further charges. By the grace of God, my son did not incur any further charges. Finally, we heard the good news that the grand jury dismissed the felony case.

Jim Sullivan was a godsend during a time that was most critical to my son’s future. I know how devastating these charges could have been, but Jim immediately invested himself in my son and his welfare. Unfortunately, I have had previous experience with the criminal court system in Harris County and never have I encountered an attorney who not only took the time to work on the case, but also took the time out of his busy schedule to show he cared. Jim always took the time to speak to my son about his actions and his future. He recommended books and documentaries for my son to read and view. He always had positive words to say to my son. I highly, highly recommend Jim Sullivan. He is not only a brilliant and gifted attorney, but also a great man who shows compassion and understanding for those that make mistakes.


Jose Vasquez (2017)

I would like to thank you for all the effort that you have put into my case (in Brazoria County). You are a really determined and motivated attorney. My case involved possession of child porn. My charges were broken down to an obscenity charge. The number of years that I would have faced with the charge of possession would had been from two to twenty years in prison, and I would have had to register as a sex offender for the rest of my life. Instead, now I have deferred adjudication probation for only five years and my record can be sealed five years after I finish probation, which I am of course going to hire you for it. You saved my life. I cannot thank you enough. I will for sure recommend you to others.


Dr. Harry Malinski (2017)

Mr. Sullivan is wonderful as both a lawyer and a friend! I was recently undergoing an instance where I didn’t think I would need help to prove my innocence, however things are not always as they seem. Mr. Sullivan was not judgmental of my actions at all and helped me step by step through my struggle. I don’t know how I would have conquered the case without his help, advice, and compassion. In the end, my criminal case was dismissed, and I can get my record expunged! If you are ever accused of a crime, he will always be by your side.


Andreda Chapman (2016)

On March 4, 2016, my son was arrested and charged with aggravated assault in Montgomery County. Around 1am that night 5 men came to my son’s apartment in 2 different vehicles, one stolen along with guns, ski masks and gloves. My son heard them outside and looked from the balcony and saw one of them attempting to steal his car. Afraid and uncertain he grabbed his gun and yelled "get the hell away from my car!" The other 4 guys were heading to his apartment, so my son fired 3-4 warning shots with the intention to scare them away. Unfortunately, he struck one of them in the chest and they took off.

Not realizing at the time that one of them was hit he went back into the apartment. A couple hours later my son’s apartment was surrounded by state police and detectives. After receiving a phone call from the officers telling him what he had done he was left to surrender, but before he surrendered and afraid to go outside he dismembered the gun because he didn’t want the officers to think he was armed and dangerous.

Four days later we hired criminal defense lawyer James Sullivan to defend my son. That same day James visited my son in the jail and began to investigate his case. My son’s bond was $100,000 and he was a first-time offender with a good history and awesome background, however he had gotten into a situation, and we needed the best lawyer with a lot of experience and knowledge regarding criminal matters.

James Sullivan asked the prosecutor to hold the case from the grand jury so he could prepare a defense and also fought to get his bond lowered. After 3 court and bond hearings, James got the bond lowered from $100,000 all the way down to $15,000 and then we got him out. James then worked meticulously with my son, prepared, and turned in a defense packet and a month later the grand jury dismissed his aggravated assault. However, the prosecutor pushed for and got an indictment for tampering with evidence. The next day James went to court and fought to get a low bond on the new case of only $1,500 so that my son would not go back to jail.

We were thrilled to get the aggravated assault charge dismissed because it was the most serious but fully expected him to have to plead to the new charge. However, at the next court hearing James Sullivan refused to settle and persuaded the prosecutor to do the right thing and dismiss the tampering charge as well. James knew that my son was not only a first-time offender but also a hard-working young man that was afraid for his life and simply defended himself and his property. After an almost 6-month ordeal, my son got his life back. I have never personally met Mr. Sullivan. I live several states away, but he handled these cases as if I was a resident in Texas. I am so pleased with his good work that not only would I highly recommend him to others, but I will definitely keep him around. Hopefully we will never need his services again but if we do James Sullivan is definitely the man you can count on to help you and defend you properly.


MLU (2016)

Being falsely accused of a crime is a very dramatic experience. In my case, a family member accused me of assaulting a minor and they pushed very hard to get me charged. When they finally got a DA to take felony charges 10 months after the alleged crime, I did some research and hired James Sullivan. He met with me a day after calling him and began to meticulously outline my defense. He interviewed the witnesses, then put together a very strong defense packet for the Grand Jury which included detailed statements from witnesses that stated there was no contact with the minor and witnesses that heard my family member coaching the child on how to lie to the police and DA. The Grand Jury no-billed my case and the case was removed from my record. Going through a criminal case is a very scary and stressful experience. I can say that any fears or questions I had were just a phone call or an email away from being answered by Mr. Sullivan. He was always available to discuss my case and explain the criminal process and let me know step by step how we were going to win my case. I would highly recommend James Sullivan with any of your criminal defense needs.


Coffee Men (2016)

In December 2014, I was charged with misdemeanor theft after shoplifting at my local grocery store. I was under a lot of personal stress and made the worst decision of my life that day. As a recent graduate with a bachelor’s degree in engineering, if I were convicted of theft, I would never be able to find a job in my field. I was so blessed to have met Attorney Jim Sullivan who helped me to obtain a Pretrial Diversion and consequently gave me a second chance in life. Before hiring Jim, I had read many good reviews about him, and I am now writing one myself. Jim spent his entire Saturday afternoon talking to my husband and me and asking thoughtful questions about my case, my life and our background. I overcame great hardship, persevered, and studied really hard to earn admission into a prestigious university. To have a theft conviction or even a deferred adjudication on my record would be devastating.

Jim Sullivan helped me gather all the information I needed for the Pretrial Diversion application and went above and beyond the requirements to make sure the DA would feel how regretful I was for my mistake and would allow me a second chance in life. Jim not only spent many hours proofreading and editing my application and giving me advice, he also requested additional information and wrote a follow up letter to the prosecutor to overcome her resistance to my initial application. Thanks to his hard work, commitment and belief in me, I was granted a Pretrial Diversion. Jim Sullivan truly saved my life and allowed me to take responsibility for my mistake without compromising my future and career. He went to court three times with me and was always there to support me. My case was difficult because as I was not yet working, I did not meet the requirements for the PTD, but Jim was able to convince the prosecutor that I should be granted the PTD anyway.

My husband and I are so glad to have met Jim Sullivan, not only as a great lawyer, but also as a wonderful person who sincerely cares about his clients. -Y


Chris S (2016)

Super Lawyer!
I cannot thank you enough for your help with my case in Montgomery County. It was a very serious accusation against me. My teenage nephew falsely accused me of molesting him (Sexual Assault of a Child). You took our initial call on a weekend and assured us then that everything would turn out fine. You explained that it was very important for a good attorney to get involved before indictment because you believed a good defense attorney could get the case no billed by the grand jury. And that's exactly what you did. You are very talented and professional at what you do. I cannot thank you enough for standing beside me, believing in me and most importantly, your confidence. You are truly a super lawyer.


Karen (2016)

Mr. Sullivan represented my son, and I cannot be more thankful that I found him! He was able to work out a surprisingly good plea bargain for my son. My son was an addict and had committed a series of robberies over a 3-month period to get money for drugs after losing his job. He passed a note to a cashier, saying he had a gun (which he did not have), and demanded money, which was given to him. He thought he had solved his cash-flow problem. So, he repeated his robbery, several times. But of course, he got caught. He was charged with 2 armed robberies and a simple robbery. The only reason he wasn't charged with 3 armed robberies was because he had been chased from the scene of his last robbery, caught with the money he had taken, but did not have a gun. However, in the news, I saw a shocking story about my son that claimed he was the person of interest in a dozen robberies. It was just going to be a matter of time before more charges were brought against my son. However, I found Mr. Sullivan's website, and sent him an email in the middle of the night, and he answered. He showed up early the next morning to re-set the first court appearance of my son. Over the next 3 months, he continued to work for my son, eventually getting a surprisingly lenient plea bargain. My son admitted guilt to 2 simple robberies and was sentenced to 7 years in TDC. He will be eligible for parole in about 10 months if he is an exemplary prisoner. Further, part of the plea bargain was that no other charges would be brought forth. Had a dozen armed robbery charges been brought forward, there is a good chance my son would have been in prison the rest of his life! The minimum sentence for one armed robbery is 20 years. But, of the 3 charges already on the books, the simple robbery charge was dropped entirely, and the 2 armed robbery charges were reduced from armed robbery to simple robbery. (Simple robbery does not carry nearly as harsh penalties as armed robbery.) Without Mr. Sullivan working on the case, I doubt that would have happened. Maybe you are thinking my son should be in jail for life. But when you get to know the story behind the story, you don't feel that way. My son is not going to be an addict the rest of his life. And he didn't break the law when he wasn't an addict. He is a person who needed help to recover. Now he has that chance. He really wants to and wants to start going to Narcotics Anonymous meetings as soon as he is in a place where they have them. He has told me that he feels that "doing time" has saved his life, and Mr. Sullivan has made it possible for him to enjoy it again someday. I will continue to pray for Mr. Sullivan. He is the most genuinely compassionate person I have ever met!


Andrea Dunham (2016)

I must say Mr. Sullivan is a man of his word. I have a pretty long record so when I had got arrested for Aggravated assault on a family member for my 3rd time, I seriously believed that there was NO hope, but I was wrong. Mr. Sullivan made sure to make my case a top priority and reassured me that everything would be just fine when I had my doubts, due to my past convictions. My ex-girlfriend tried to assault me with a broken wine bottle when I kept telling her I no longer wanted to be with her but when I kept attempting to keep the glass from cutting either one if us, she accidently got hurt in the process. I helped her clean her wound but I asked her to leave as I felt that night had already brought too much drama, and she was highly intoxicated and persistent about getting aggressive if I didn't take her back.


A month later a warrant was issued for my arrest, and I got picked up by the police at my home one morning. I'm forever grateful that I found out about the warrant right before I got arrested because I read about Mr. Sullivan on Google, and I decided that he was the man that I wanted to handle my case. My punishment ranged from 2-20 years and I knew for sure with my long record and the seriousness of that crime that the DA wouldn't offer me the minimum. Mr. Sullivan was very down to earth and really cared about getting this case dismissed for me so that I could get back in school and continue my life as a productive member of society. Several weeks passed because the prosecutor kept delaying the process, and I started to get a bit discouraged but Mr. Sullivan's confidence and reassurance about my case and all the evidence he gathered for me helped me so much. Sure enough. everything he told me that he would do, he did. He got my case dismissed and I'm back in school just like he said to me. Thank you so much Mr. Sullivan, you’re truly a blessing and I don't know what I would've done without you :)